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When An LGBTQ Couple’s Marriage Is Heading For Divorce

Ever since same-sex marriage became legal in Michigan on June 26, 2015, divorce has also been available and often necessary for spouses of the same gender. Two men or two women who are married may seek a divorce just as heterosexual couples sometimes do. This may seem obvious, but there may also be unique considerations as described below.

If you are in a same-sex marriage in Michigan and need legal counsel on a pending or possible divorce, look for an attorney who is experienced as well as compassionate. Attorney Anne E. Lewis is ready to advocate fiercely for you or negotiate gently on your behalf, according to your priorities.

Do Any Special Situations Apply To Your Same-Sex Divorce?

A review of the facts about your same-sex marriage in Michigan can identify any areas of concern such as:

  • Domestic partnerships: Some cities, universities and health insurance companies in Michigan and elsewhere allow unmarried couples to register domestic partnerships and receive benefits – such as eligibility for health insurance coverage from a partner’s employment. If you or your same-sex spouse ever registered a domestic partnership with someone else and did not revoke it, complications may come up as you prepare to get a divorce.
  • Preexisting powers of attorney or other estate planning documents or property deeds: Did you intertwine your lives before your same-sex marriage? Or do have similar estate planning documents or contracts still in effect with your current spouse or someone else? These need to be examined as you prepare to divorce your same-sex spouse to determine whether there will be legal complications.
  • Parenting issues: You or your same-sex spouse may have adopted the other’s child or the two of you may have adopted a child or become parents through a genetic donor or surrogacy arrangement. Child custody and support should be addressed from the start of your divorce negotiations.

When you meet with attorney Lewis about your coming LGBTQ divorce in Michigan, she will help you review all pertinent legal issues that may pertain to your coming same-sex divorce in Michigan.

Schedule A Consultation About Your Same-Sex Divorce With No Further Obligation

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