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Divorce Does Not Have To Be Complicated If You Are On The Same Page

Not all divorces amount to battles on a personal level and not all of them need to be complex legally speaking. You and your spouse may have realized with time that you are not compatible and need to go your separate ways – and not necessarily with rancor, bitterness or sabotage of each other. Your legal processes may be streamlined if you and your spouse agree on all terms of your divorce, including:

  • The division of all property, including investments and retirement assets
  • Division of responsibility for debts
  • Health insurance coverage
  • The disposition of your marital home and other major assets
  • Custody and visitation for your children, if applicable
  • Child support and spousal support (alimony) if applicable

To learn about how to complete an uncontested divorce in Michigan, turn to Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C., in Grand Rapids. Attorney Lewis has more than 15 years of experience in Michigan family law. She is known for her no-nonsense and empathetic approach.

Your Uncontested Divorce Might Go Like This

You can file paperwork for an uncontested divorce through the usual petition and response process or, if both of you can attend the divorce hearing, you can both sign the petition and neither will have to respond to the other. But first, you will need to complete steps including:

  • Verify whether at least one of you meets the residency requirement (at least 180 days residing in Michigan, with at least 10 days in the county where you will file the petition, such as Kent County).
  • Gather information about your marriage, marital property, children, parenting plan and other data pertaining to your assets and family.
  • Complete the paperwork that is necessary according to your unique circumstances (such as if one of you will pay alimony to the other).
  • As needed, include any necessary supporting documentation.
  • File the petition (consent judgment) and other required papers with the court.
  • When invited to the court, attend and prepare to clarify your agreement and answer any questions the judge may have.

Although the divorce is uncontested, the family law court still needs to confirm that the parenting plan is in the best interests of the children and that your proposed property division is fair.

Some people attempt to complete this process on their own through do-it-yourself instructions, only to discover glitches that force them to start the whole process over. For your own protection, attorney Lewis recommends that you get legal counsel beforehand to ensure that all components of your divorce are in good shape and ready to go.

If you prepare to file an uncontested divorce and then, at the last minute, your spouse changes their mind and objects to some terms of the settlement agreement, you may need to settle it as a contested divorce through mediation or litigation. For this reason, attorney Lewis will represent only one of you from the beginning, not both of you.

Get Advice And Help Now

Put worries to rest and get your uncontested no-fault divorce process underway. You can count on attorney Lewis to put your interests first and honor your priorities, such as expediency and amicability.

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