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The Extra Burdens Of A High-Asset Divorce

Every married couple must go through a division of all of their marital property to complete a divorce. For a great many people, marital property includes a house, two or more cars, bank accounts, personal property and perhaps investments and retirement accounts.

For some, however, assets are more complex, including many different types of property. For a high-asset divorce, you are wise to select an experienced, highly regarded family law attorney.

With more than 15 years of divorce practice in Michigan, attorney Anne E. Lewis has earned a strong reputation. She is known as a fierce advocate for her clients. Her knowledge base includes an understanding of the types of assets that can make up a high-asset divorce.

Divorce Considerations And Processes When Assets Are Complex

A high-asset divorce may involve:

  • An expensive marital home and/or additional real estate
  • An inherited second home, possibly shared with siblings
  • Business ownership or partial ownership of a business, investment pool, or professional practice (such as a medical clinic or a dentist’s office)
  • Rare collectibles, such as an art or firearms collection
  • Multiple investment accounts, perhaps including a 401(c) retirement fund, a scheduled pension, a promise of deferred executive compensation, stocks, bonds, stock options and/or cyber currency assets
  • Overseas assets

Getting an accurate appraisal, negotiating a fair property division settlement, and preventing out-of-control legal costs are all common strategies in high-asset divorces. Dividing stocks and bonds and other necessary steps can be less complicated with the help of a knowledgeable family law attorney.

How An Attorney Can Help You Come Through A High-Asset Divorce With Enough For Your Future

A knowledgeable divorce attorney for high-asset marital estates, attorney Lewis can help ensure that the valuation of your spouse’s business, or the division of high-value assets does not shortchange you. The divorce process also should not erode your family’s assets to an unacceptable degree.

Rest assured that attorney Lewis wants to keep your high-asset divorce reasonable and family-focused. Learn how she does these things beginning in an initial consultation. Call 616-818-1812 or send an email inquiry.