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Protecting Your Future Well-Being Through And Beyond A Contested Divorce

Some people who hear or read the phrase “contested divorce” assume that it means that one spouse doesn’t agree with the idea of a divorce. However, since Michigan has no-fault divorce, one spouse’s disagreement about getting a divorce cannot stop it. This is not what “contested divorce” means.

What, then, is contested in a contested divorce? Read on below for some examples, and enlist the help of attorney Anne E. Lewis in Grand Rapids as you prepare to move forward.

What Your Spouse’s Protests Can Mean To You In A Contested Divorce

Let’s assume that you and your spouse know you disagree significantly on key issues, such as how the marital home’s value will be divided, whether a business will need to be sold to divide its value, and which parent will have custody of the children most of the time. As long as you do not reach an agreement on your own through negotiations or mediation, your case may go to trial. This is a contested divorce and it may become very costly and lengthy. Your divorce attorney can help you prepare to get through the divorce trial with few major losses.

Or, let’s assume that you and your spouse strongly want to resolve the difficult issues privately and with less rancor and costs. As soon as you are both willing to engage in negotiations or mediation with the goal of preventing a court battle, your contested divorce may be efficiently resolved.

When you work with attorney Anne E. Lewis, she will emphasize education. That is, she will strive to help you understand your options, the legal processes and strategies most likely to allow you to keep the things you want most despite your divorce.

Get Through A Contested Divorce With Your Financial Stability Intact

The idea of divorce litigation does not have to strike fear into your heart. Turn to a trusted family law attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to begin developing a strategy likely to help you meet your goals despite a contested divorce.

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