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An Overview Of Child Support In Michigan

Most parents understand they may need to pay child support or may be eligible to receive it after a separation or divorce. However, they often need help to protect themselves through the legal processes. A parent who will pay child support naturally wants to avoid unreasonable demands. And a parent who will receive child support will want confirmation that the amount is fair. Later, they may need advice on the enforcement or modification of a court order.

No matter what your role is in a child custody and support situation, you should not fear the legal processes. For guidance on child support issues in Michigan, contact attorney Anne E. Lewis in Grand Rapids.

General And Specific Things To Know About Child Support

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Support, explains the purpose of child support as follows: “Every child has the right to support from both parents….[When] parents do not live together, it is important that they work together to support [to give their children the chance]… to develop their full potential.” This state agency defines child support as “payment… for a child…ordered by the circuit court [which] may include payment” for medical care, child care and educational expenses.

The state’s child support guidelines determine which parent will be the payer and which will be the payee, and how much money will change hands each month. The amount to be paid will depend on their respective net monthly incomes and the time the child spends with each of them.

A judge may order child support through either of these methods:

A divorcing couple can get help from experienced divorce attorneys to perform accurate child support calculations and negotiate with each other. Calculating the income of a self-employed or irregularly employed parent can be a complicated part of a child support case. The goal is for a family law court to accept and approve the child support order as part of the divorce process.

Attorney Anne E. Lewis in Grand Rapids has more than 15 years of experience handling complex family law cases. She conducts child support calculations and negotiates or represents through medication or litigation to get an agreement with the other parent. She presents her reasoning to the family law court as needed.

She also helps parents who are seeking enforcement assistance or defense. She prepares petitions for modification of child support orders. She may justify a petition for a modification when parents’ income, family structure or other life circumstances change significantly.

Get Legal Counsel Regarding Your Child’s Financial Support After A Divorce

Get attorney Lewis’ guidance and help to ensure a fair determination of your spouse’s income. Let her answer questions you may have about any aspect of family law.

To schedule a consultation regarding your child support cases or any other legal issue, call 616-818-1812 or send an email inquiry.