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A Compassionate Guide Through Child Custody Laws And Processes

Child custody disputes are emotionally challenging for everyone involved – both the parents and the children suffer emotional stress and other types of psychological duress during custody disputes. It’s important to work with a child custody lawyer who can handle your case with grace and compassion.

Anne E. Lewis is a highly qualified child custody attorney in Grand Rapids capable of assisting clients in navigating the complicated challenges that come with determining your child’s future after a divorce. Typical arrangements include custody, establishing one parent as the usual custodial parent, as well as parenting time or visitation for the noncustodial parent. For guidance on these highly consequential issues, turn to Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C.

Attorney Lewis understands that it can be difficult to trust your spouse during the dissolution of your marriage and concerns that seemed small six months ago may now make getting along feel impossible. She will work with you throughout this process, and advocate for your wishes and the best solutions for your child.

Clear Guidance Through Complicated Discussions About Custody

A number of challenging legal issues accompany child custody disputes as you and your former spouse learn how to co-parent. Our firm can assist you with making these decisions and creating a healthy environment for your child during the divorce process by guiding you through:

  • Determining custody and visitation rights, including clarification as to which parent will be the custodial parent providing a home for the child most of the time
  • Advocating for you to maintain parental rights or helping you petition to allow supervised visitation or to revoke the parental rights of an unqualified parent
  • Determining child support payments for the primary caregiver

Every child custody dispute is unique, which is why our firm offers a number of different resolution options for clients. We will help you pursue resolutions both in the courtroom or at the mediation table.

Focusing On Visitation Or Parenting Time

Many professionals prefer to use the term “parenting time” rather than visitation to emphasize the ongoing parent-child relationship of the noncustodial parent. You no doubt dread the idea of being considered a visitor in your child’s life. Describing your time with your child as parenting time underscores the vital role you continue to play in your child’s development and self-concept for a lifetime.

As mentioned above, usually, a child will live with one parent most of the time and spend scheduled parenting time – also called visitation – with the other parent. Whether you are to be the custodial parent or the parent with visitation, you should engage fully in negotiations or mediation to determine a custody and visitation schedule. If attorney Lewis is your lawyer, you can count on her fierce determination to fight for your and your right to continue raising your child despite separation or divorce.

On the other hand, if you have evidence that the other parent’s parenting time should be supervised or restricted, attorney Lewis will help you take these concerns to court. Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being, and attorney Lewis will fully support your point of view.

Call Today To Discuss Your Concerns

If you’re in need of assistance resolving your child custody and visitation case, contact a compassionate, understanding legal professional today by sending us an email or calling at 616-818-1812.

The office of Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C., can be your source of reliable help through this challenging time and ensure you come away from a custody dispute with your child’s best interests protected.