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Will Spousal Support Be Part Of Your Michigan Divorce?

Spousal support is not a “given” in a divorce in Michigan, but a husband or wife with more financial resources can expect the topic to come up during divorce negotiations. This is an area of divorce law in which outcomes vary greatly. A family law attorney’s knowledge and experience can make significant differences while terms of a divorce are under discussion.

At Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C., you will find a strong-minded family law advocate who will watch out for your interests. You can count on her to guide you in ways that help you get ready for a family law judge to approve an agreement or make a determination that takes your side of the story into account.

What Is Spousal Support And How Is The Amount Determined?

Spousal support consists of financial support that one spouse pays to the other during and/or after the divorce process. The frequency of payments may match one of these descriptions:

  • Temporary spousal support, usually lasting only until a divorce is complete
  • Periodic spousal support, with the total time period variable according to the length of a marriage, the dependent spouse’s need for education or training, and other factors
  • Permanent spousal support to be paid until the death of either spouse or until the recipient spouse remarries
  • Lump-sum spousal support, which may be fulfilled with the relinquishment of real estate or other property

A family law court may look at the amount and duration of spousal support on the basis of one or more factors such as:

  • The conduct or misconduct of spouses during the relationship
  • Each spouse’s needs, age, health and ability to work
  • Each spouse’s prior standard of living and/or other support obligations
  • The financial situation of each spouse and their contributions to the marital estate

Through laws about spousal support, we understand the state has an interest in both spouses’ ability to be self-supportive after a divorce. Most people do not want to pay any more spousal support than necessary and most who may receive it hope for reasonable amounts. With more than 15 years of experience, attorney Lewis is equipped to assess your situation and help you build arguments in your favor to use during negotiations, mediation or litigation.

Learn how to protect yourself as well as participate productively in spousal support negotiations. Turn to Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C., for the information, guidance and representation that you need on this important topic.

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