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Why mediation may not be right for your Michigan divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Divorce

Topics surrounding divorce mediation have been featured on our website and legal blog on several occasions. The mediation process comes with many benefits, such as reduced costs and faster divorces (usually), making it popular among many Grand Rapids couples.

Family law professionals trained in mediation have a duty to tell you about situations in which divorce mediation may not be the ideal solution. Even though mediation is often a low-stress, low-cost way to divorce, some circumstances benefit from a traditional divorce.

When will a conventional divorce work better than mediation?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the question above. However, you may find it helpful to see a few examples of situations when a mediated divorce may not serve your best interests.

  • Communication is impossible: If you and your spouse cannot talk with one another, the mutually cooperative mediation process may fail.
  • Opposition to divorce: If your spouse is opposed to ending the marriage, you might get better results from traditional methods.
  • Emotions are a problem: If either you or your spouse harbors extreme emotions about ending your marriage (such as anger and hostility), then mediation could fail to work.
  • Violence or abuse is an issue: If there is a current or prior history of violence or any kind of abuse in your relationship, it is wise to consider a courtroom divorce.

Learning more about both conventional and mediated divorce in Michigan can guide you in making the best decision. Seeking support from knowledgeable professionals can also give you insight into how to end your marriage as smoothly as possible.