3 times grandparents in Michigan adopt their grandchildren

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Adoption |

Quite a few children across Michigan live with their grandparents instead of their mothers and/or fathers. The number of children living full-time with grandparents in Michigan has doubled in the last generation.

Many of these grandparents will take the important legal step of adopting their grandchildren and becoming their legal parent or guardian. What are some of the reasons that grandparents adopt their grandchildren?

Their child loses parental rights

If Child Protective Services gets involved with the family, they made take a parent accused of abuse or neglect to court and formally terminate their parental rights. A grandparent can potentially adopt their grandchildren when the parents have lost their rights, helping the children to remain in a stable family home.

Their child has health issues or an addiction

If a parent faces a long waitlist for organ transplantation and then months of recovery after that, a grandparent may need to step into a parental role both to support the children and to absolve the parent of obligations that they cannot fulfill.

When a parent with young children has an issue with substance abuse, whether they drink too much or abuse prescription pain medication, their addiction could affect the safety and mental health of their children. Grandparents may need to intervene when addiction leaves children without proper support.

Their child goes to prison

An incarcerated parent cannot fulfill their obligations even if they would like to. They may cooperate with a grandparent who wants to adopt the children so that the family stays together as much as possible given the circumstances.

Considering a grandparent adoption can be a smart move for someone concerned about their family. If you are considering it, it’s wise to have legal guidance.